Denman Island United Church

Denman Island United Church

The website development strategy for centers on creating a dynamic online platform that serves as a hub for the Denman Island United Church community and beyond. With a focus on user-friendly design and intuitive navigation, the website aims to provide easy access to information about services, events, and community outreach programs. Incorporating visually appealing multimedia elements and interactive features enhances user engagement and fosters a sense of connection within the congregation. Furthermore, the strategy includes implementing an efficient way for volunteers to update weekly sermons and broadcast them weekly for individuals seeking spiritual enrichment and community involvement. Regular updates and integration of feedback mechanisms ensure the website remains relevant and responsive to the evolving needs of the Denman Island United Church community.

Project Description

Needs assessment, website development and design, communications technical infrastructure, writing, copy-editing, human resources infrastructure, training, outreach tools, posts, calendar, newsletter, e-newsletter.

Project Details

Project Participants

  • Art Director: Juliet Neun-Hornick
  • Designer/Developer: Brad Hornick

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