Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival

Denman Writers Festival

Denman Writers Festival

Greenhill Communications took over the management of the Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival website several years ago, leveraging its expertise to enhance the platform’s functionality and reach. As the festival celebrates the convergence of emerging and celebrated Canadian authors, the website serves as a dynamic showcase for the event. Streaming profiles of authors and their literary works, it offers attendees a comprehensive preview of what to expect. Moreover, the website functions as a pivotal tool for ticket sales, providing a seamless online booking experience. Its integrated email broadcast system ensures effective communication with past and prospective participants, while automatic connections to social media platforms amplify outreach efforts. By harnessing these features, the website plays a vital role in attracting a diverse audience to the annual festival, solidifying its position as a premier literary event in Denman Island and beyond.

Project Description

Management of website, communications technical infrastructure, writing, copy-editing, outreach tools, posts, online ticket sales, e-newsletter, flyers, brochures, posters, infographics, and other branded materials.

Project Details

Project Participants

  • Art Director: Brad Hornick
  • Webmaster: Brad Hornick
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