Brad Hornick

Strategic Communications, Greenhill Communications

Brad Hornick is a multifaceted professional with a distinguished career as a strategic communications specialist, writer, and print and digital designer. With a wealth of experience spanning over decades, Brad has collaborated with over 150 businesses, organizations, and governments, crafting compelling narratives and visual identities that resonate with diverse audiences. His strategic approach to communication, coupled with his expertise in design and storytelling, has enabled him to elevate brands, shape public perception, and drive meaningful engagement across various platforms.

Equipped with a B.A. Honours, Masters, and PhD (ABD), Brad brings a depth of knowledge and academic rigor to his work, enriching his creative work with a solid foundation in research and theory. Whether developing comprehensive communication strategies, writing impactful content, or designing visually striking materials, Brad’s interdisciplinary background empowers him to deliver innovative solutions that captivate audiences and achieve tangible results.

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