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Recent Client Work:

Juliet is one of the most dependable people I have worked with in terms of construction coordination. I also find her to be consistently pleasant, tackling her work with dedication and enthusiasm. Besides being extremely personable, Juliet is a leader who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. Juliet had successfully implemented several policy modifications for the company that resulted in increased efficiency and decreased costs. In addition to completing her given tasks efficiently, Juliet assumed a leadership role on our site. Being able to work with little direct supervision led our team to make more precise and timely decision making opportunities. Juliet managed to complete all of this while continuing to inspire and motivate both trades and employees. Matthew Winkleman, Vice President, Rize Alliance Properties, Ltd.

The editors would like to express their deep appreciation for the work of Juliet Neun-Hornick, the project’s Special Project Coordinator. Her excellent organizational and management skills ensured the project’s momentum and vision while navigating tight time constraints and myriad project details. Juliet’s diplomacy and deft touch while liaising with the publisher, project lead, section editors, and project manager guided the final manuscript to a smooth completion with a reassuringly steady hand. Engaged Health Researcher Book Project Editors team


This is what Brad’s customers said about him over a decade ago when he was active in his communications consulting…

Thanks so much for getting this going for us. It has been an amazingly effective fund-raising tool. Dianne Hadley, Executive Director, Northern Jaguar Project

Just wanted to say thanks for working such insane hours and doing such a great job on the report card. You totally rock and we couldn’t have done it without your commitment to the cause. And FYI – we’ve also been getting a lot of emails from folks commenting not only on the content, but the layout as well. I’ve had several people say how great it LOOKS. Catherine Stewart, Greenpeace 

I literally gave Brad a box of files and asked him to do an impossible task. He came back a month later with beautiful written and artistically conceived website. He combines intelligence, managment capabilities, artfulness and has a high sense of responsiveness to client needs. The site rocks! I recommend him. Andrea Reimer, Western Canada Wilderness Committee 

I brought Brad onboard to design a series of newsletters and a report. His outstanding graphic design talent as well as his considerable knowledge about the environment have taken Greenpeace publications to a new level!.Andrea Jones, Communications Officer, Greenpeace Canada. 

He’s bright and committed to working to make a better world. He’s not brash or pushy but competent, hard-working and creative. Just thinking about him makes me sad all over that he’s not still with us full time. I have nothing but the highest regard for him and know anyone who hires him will be very fortunate. David Suzuki, Board Chair, David Suzuki Foundation.

The report looks great and we really appreciate your help with it. You have a tremendous gift for design and style and a great eye for image placement – these are qualities hard to find. We certainly would like to continue using your services in the future. Ian McAllister, Raincoast Conservation Society

Brad has been instrumental in upgrading tools within our communications department to highly professional standards, and to the extent that we operate effectively on the national and international scene. David Hocking, Communications Director, David Suzuki Foundation.

On behalf of The Immigrant Services Society of BC, the Promotional Items Committee and the 25th Anniversary Committee, I would like to congratulate you for being one of the winners of the Promotional Items Design contest. Irene Sternitzke, Immigrant Services Society

Brad’s list of impressive professional skills and qualities is very long. Brad has “vision”, with outstanding analytical and synthesising abilities. This makes him a tremendous asset in organizational and program development. Kathy Gregg, Coast Foundation Society

Thanks! You’ve been terrific in organizing Coast’s first-ever rally help to bring some attention to the proposed Federal Government Cuts and helping to build ASPECT’s lobby capabilities. It wouldn’t have happened without you! You went well beyond the call of duty and we’re grateful. Darrell Burnham, Executive Director, Coast Foundation Society

On the marketing end, Brad is the leader of our team sharing innovative ideas to create employer – potential employee links as well as databases allowing for a large capacity networking with corporate, community and not-for-profit sectors. His capacity to liaise with many key players to bring an idea to fruition is an asset in marketing. Sue Lane, MOSAIC

This dedication showed in his active liaison work with several social service organizations (in the Downtown Eastside) undertaken to gain an insight into the texture of the local community. When called upon to give media interviews Brad’s demeanour, as expected, was very professional. Ian Faris, Census District Manager, Statistics Canada

He has taken initiative on many occasions to improve procedures and has many good ideas regarding marketing and promotional programs. He is particularly adept at writing, graphics and design. Allexendra Franklen, Vice President, Trebas Institute

Brad assisted us in getting our communications broadcasting capabilities up to speed. We have also contracted him for his fabulous report production skills. Suzanne Hawkes, Communications Director, IMPACS

The report that Brad produced was well written and included an complex array of visuals that expressed the value of our project. His contribution was a worthwhile investment. Mike Magee, Communications Director, Sierra Legal Defence Fund

It is due to Brad’s hard work in desktop publishing that our promotional materials are now so attractive and receive high praise from the community on their appearance and useful content. Terri Phillip, Coordinator, MOSAIC

Now that the book tour whirlwind has finally ended, I want to thank you for all your creativity and professional help in making the Toronto poster and invite, doing such a great job on the web site (which was used quite a bit for the book tour), and just generally being such a pleasure to work with. Susan Hammond, Silva Forest Foundation

Working with Brad was a pleasure. Brad doesn’t come in and tell you what he will do for you, instead, he talks to you, listens, and helps you determine what really works well for your organization. He understood our mission and helped us build a website that meets the needs of our various partners – grantees, donors and those just learning about our work. His style of work and highly interactive process allowed the Peace Development Fund to get a much better website then what we had anticipated. Once the new site was launched, we quickly received great comments and praise for our new on-line look. Thanks Brad. Anthony Rominske , Associate Director of Administrationm, Peace Development Fund

Brad, you did an amazing job on Changing the Flow. It was a great pleasure working with someone who is so creative and capable. Your professionalism and dedication to turn a vague vision into concrete reality in such a short timeframe was second to none. The website you created also exceeded our expectations and we are indebted to you for the effort you put into bringing our work to life. A sincere thank you from myself and the rest of the Gordon Water Group. Tim Morris, National Water Campaigner, Sierra Club of Canada, and member of the Gordon Water Group of Concerned Scientists and Citizens

Thanks so much for all the work that you have done to get us our website. I am extremely proud of it and have had lots of positive feedback from a wide profile of leaders and other coaches. Your patience and willingness to keep working with us through those times is what will stick in my mind over and above the great skills and creativity you brought to the table. I would not hesitate to refer you to any individual or organization I know. Ross Martin, Black Tusk Leadership

Thanks so much for your work on the website. We continue to receive praise about the site, people keep finding it and signing up… Michael Begg, Dogwood Initiative

We are really proud of the website. It looks great. Thanks so much for all your help. Will Horter, Dogwood Alliance

Brad, Very nice work — looks great! That’s very kind of you to have gone over your allotted time — I was beginning to wonder if that was occurring. I found you refreshingly quick, to the point, easy to communicate with and skilled, and there’s no doubt that your work will improve our web accessibility — and thus our work — tremendously. Your patience with my lack of computer knowledge was also much appreciated …thanks very much for a job well done! Kenyon, Sitka Conservation Society

The WTRC site looks fantastic! I really like the way you’ve designed the flash intro. Thanks for all your effort on this. The result is awesome. Lisa Marie Ambus, POLIS Project on Ecological Governance

….it (website) looks and feels fabulous! Thanks so much for the care and effort and time that went into this! Ross McMillan, Praxis Consulting Inc.

The report is brilliantly designed and has received nothing but praise. The website has generated overwhelmingly positive feedback–even from web-savvy surfers. Every single comment on the report and the website has been strongly positive. Thank you for being a pleasure to work with from the first “concept” meeting through to the day of release. Your enthusiasm and professionalism provide a rare combination, and definitely made my job much easier. David R. Boyd, Eco-Research Chair, Faculty of Law, University of Victoria.

Brad was professional, creative and accomodating – which in a time when we were undergoing internal change – was greatly appreciated! The finished web site exceeded our expectations. Angeline Tillmanns, Coordinator, State of Environment Reporting, BC Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection