Peace Brigades International – Canada

Peace Brigades International – Canada

The website development strategy for prioritizes accessibility, advocacy, and community engagement. Through a streamlined and user-friendly design, the website aims to provide easy access to information about Peace Brigades International’s (PBI) human rights advocacy work, including campaigns, reports, and volunteer opportunities. Content is structured to highlight the organization’s mission, values, and impact, while showcasing the stories of human rights defenders supported by PBI, and that are regularly broadcast to a large email database. Integration of multimedia elements such as videos and photographs enriches the user experience, fostering empathy and understanding of global human rights issues. Furthermore, the website serves as a platform for community involvement, with features for donations, volunteering, and social sharing to amplify the organization’s reach and impact in promoting peace and justice worldwide.

Project Description

Needs assessment, website development and design, communications technical infrastructure, writing, copy-editing, training, outreach tools, posts, calendar, e-newsletter. Translation capabilities into French, Spanish, and Cantonese.

Project Details

  • Client: Peace Brigades International – Canada
  • Date: 2022 – Forward
  • Category: Website Redevelopment
  • Website:

Project Participants

  • Art Director: Juliet Neun-Hornick
  • Designer/Developer: Brad Hornick

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