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Juliet Neun-Hornick and Brad Hornick are a daughter-father communications and design team

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We offer a wide range of services ranging from strategic communications to web, digital and print design

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Juliet Neun-Hornick and Brad Hornick are a daughter – father communications and design team. Experience and fresh outlook pair with talent and passion in a unique partnership. Combined our team has 25+ years of experience. Our business is inspired by our family home on Greenhill Road on Denman Island, located off Vancouver island in British Columbia, Canada.

Some of our clients

Check out our portfolio featuring a variety of our web, digital and print design work, and past client relationships.

The Future of AgeTech Report
Greenpeace Canada Brochure
Hope in Shadows Calendar
Nisga’a Valley Health Authority Business Cards
AGE-WELL Stand-Up Banner
Rokpa Canada Spring 2005 Newsletter
Nisga’a Valley Health Authority Health and Wellness Conference Poster
Senior Living Journey Map
In Community – Information and Referral Services for Seniors Report
Pivot Legal Society Ballot
Good Times Growers 2023 Varieties Booklet
Greenpeace Canada Great Bear Rainforest Flyer

Our Services

Our diverse scope of web and print expertise allows us to deliver a range of services and materials based on your unique goals and requirements. We love to meet our clients, find out what your organizational aims are, work out a plan and timeline, and bring your vision to reality – creating compelling designs that stand out amongst others. Our persistent hope is that we exceed your expectations.

Strategic Communications

We analyze how your organization distributes and receives information. We then work with you to communicate the best message, through the correct channels, to the right people, at the right time and using feedback from this process to stay focussed on organizational/company goals.


We’re passionate about crafting personalized e-commerce solutions that bring your online business vision to life. From seamless user experiences to secure payment processing, we ensure every detail reflects your business’s personality while maximizing sales.

Website Development

We offer comprehensive web development services tailored to your needs with responsive websites that engage users and drive results. From custom designs to seamless functionality, we develop websites as the core communications platform from which all communications flow.

Graphic Design

We enjoy designing sharp and captivating imagery and messaging for each of our clients. We work with you to understand your values and vision and provide you with revisions to mock-ups and drafts until we are all satisfied that our design aims have been reached. 

Our Design Process


During the needs assessment and goal setting stage of communications consulting, we delve deep into understanding your objectives and challenges. Through comprehensive analysis and client collaboration, we identify key areas for improvement and define measurable goals. By aligning your communication strategies with your overarching objectives, we pave the way for impactful and targeted solutions tailored to your unique needs.

We work to build infrastructure that optimizes both human potential and technological capabilities within organizations. When both aspects work together, your organization will be empowered to excel in efficient and effective communication, innovate and thrive in your organization’s specific environment.

When we engage with clients, we consider ourselves long-term “partners” and will be there to guide you through transitions. We prioritize building flexible solutions that anticipate and adapt to change, alongside you. From initial brainstorming to final implementation, we work closely with you to bring your vision to life swiftly and effectively, and remain as the landscape develops.

Services available
Websites developed
Digital & Print designs delivered
Client relationships

Rave: Greenpeace Canada

"I brought Brad onboard to design a series of newsletters and a report. His outstanding graphic design talent as well as his considerable knowledge about the environment have taken Greenpeace publications to a new level!"

Rave: AGE-WELL – Canada’s Technology and Aging Network

"Juliet's work has consistently exceeded expectations on a variety of projects. Whether we provide clear and specific guidance or a vague idea, Juliet is always able to get us to a great finished product. I have found her communication and approach with respect to iterative collaboration to be very efficient and effective. I would highly recommend her design services."

"Juliet is an absolute magical unicorn of a human being. I've worked with her on design projects for almost 9 years and she has gone above and beyond to ensure that every project was completed to our satisfaction. She works closely with clients to understand the project and the context, provides multiple design options, and always produces a fabulous end product. Whether you have a pretty specific idea or a vague notion of what you want, I can guarantee that Juliet will be able to create what you need!"


"It is due to Brad's skills and hard work in desktop publishing that our promotional materials are now so attractive and receive high praise from the community on their appearance and useful content."

"On the marketing end, Brad is the leader of our team sharing innovative ideas to create employer - potential employee links as well as databases allowing for a large capacity networking with corporate, community and not-for-profit sectors. His capacity to liaise with many key players to bring an idea to fruition is an asset in marketing."

Rave: Canada Wilderness Committee

"I literally gave Brad a box of files and asked him to do an impossible task. He came back a month later with a beautiful written and artistically conceived website. He combines intelligence, managment capabilities, artfulness and has a high sense of responsiveness to client needs. The site rocks! I recommend him."

Rave: Peace Brigades International

"We had a wonderful experience with Brad and Juliet. Great people, great process, great results. We couldn't have asked for more. Highly recommend!!"

Rave: David Suzuki Foundation

"Brad has been instrumental in upgrading tools within our communications department to highly professional standards, and to the extent that we operate effectively on the national and international scene."

"Brad is bright and committed to working to make a better world. He's not brash or pushy but competent, hard-working and creative. Just thinking about him makes me sad all over again that he's not still with us full-time. I have nothing but the highest regard for him and know anyone who hires him will be very fortunate."

Rave: Rize Alliance Properties Ltd.

"Juliet is one of the most dependable people I've worked with. I find her to be consistently pleasant, tackling her work with dedication and enthusiasm. Besides being extremely personable, Juliet is a leader who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits."

Rave: Sierra Club

"Brad did an amazing job on Changing the Flow. It was a great pleasure working with someone who is so creative and capable. His professionalism and dedication to turn a vague vision into concrete reality in such a short timeframe was second to none. The website he created also exceeded our expectations and we are indebted to him for the effort he put into bringing our work to life. A sincere thank you from myself and the rest of the Gordon Water Group and Sierra Club."

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